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package cache
import (
// Configure configure cache.
type Configure func(*Cache)
// WithDataOption sets cache default data options.
func WithDataOption(do ...Option) Configure {
return func(c *Cache) {
factory := c.dataFactory
c.dataFactory = func(key, value interface{}, opts ...Option) *Item {
return factory(key, value, append(do, opts...)...)
// WithDefaultNamespace sets cache default namespace.
func WithDefaultNamespace(ns, separator string) Configure {
return WithDataOption(WithNamespace(ns, separator))
// WithDefaultTTL sets cache default ttl.
func WithDefaultTTL(ttl time.Duration) Configure {
return WithDataOption(WithTTL(ttl))
// WithHandleSet add a handler for the set operation.
func WithHandleSet(m ...Handle) Configure {
return WithHandleOperation(OperationSet, m...)
// WithHandleGet add a handler for the get operation.
func WithHandleGet(m ...Handle) Configure {
return WithHandleOperation(OperationGet, m...)
// WithHandleDelete add a handler for the delete operation.
func WithHandleDelete(m ...Handle) Configure {
return WithHandleOperation(OperationDelete, m...)
// WithHandleOperation add a handler for the operation.
func WithHandleOperation(op string, m ...Handle) Configure {
handle := ChainHandle(m...)
return WithMiddleware(func(ctx context.Context, operation string, item *Item, next Provider) error {
if operation == op {
return handle(ctx, op, item, next)
return next(ctx, operation, item)
// WithMiddleware sets middleware to provider.
func WithMiddleware(mw ...Handle) Configure {
return func(c *Cache) {
prov := c.provider
c.provider = chain(prov, mw...)
// New creates new cache by provider.
func New(prov Provider, opts ...Configure) *Cache {
c := &Cache{
provider: prov,
dataFactory: NewItem,
for _, o := range opts {
return c
// Cache base cache.
type Cache struct {
dataFactory func(key, value interface{}, opts ...Option) *Item
provider Provider
func (c *Cache) With(opts ...Configure) *Cache {
cache := &Cache{
provider: c.provider,
dataFactory: c.dataFactory,
for _, o := range opts {
return cache
func (c *Cache) Item(key, value interface{}, opts ...Option) *Item {
return c.dataFactory(key, value, opts...)
func (c *Cache) Execute(ctx context.Context, operation string, key, value interface{}, opts ...Option) error {
return c.provider(ctx, operation, c.Item(key, value, opts...))
// Set handles middlewares and sets value by key and options.
func (c *Cache) Set(ctx context.Context, key, value interface{}, opts ...Option) error {
return c.Execute(ctx, OperationSet, key, value, opts...)
// Get handles middlewares and gets value by key and options.
func (c *Cache) Get(ctx context.Context, key, value interface{}, opts ...Option) error {
return c.Execute(ctx, OperationGet, key, value, opts...)
// Delete handles middlewares and delete value by key and options.
func (c *Cache) Delete(ctx context.Context, key interface{}, opts ...Option) error {
return c.Execute(ctx, OperationDelete, key, nil, opts...)